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This page is meant as a list for incompatible mods, it is recommended to read through how and why they are incompatible. It will be divided into:

  • fully incompatible
  • dependently incompatible

Incompatible mods

Modname Incompatibility-type Incompatibility description Status
Climate Control / Geographicraft Dependently incompatible The incompatibility is on the side of their mod, not cqr. It however is compatible with climate-control's default configs. It gets incompatible if certain changes are made to the config. Setting 'generationRespectOtherStructures' to false will fix this problem too. The problem has been reported to climate-control's authors, it depends on them to fix this incompatibility.
Magma hybrid server Dependently incompatible (works with magma versions released after the 3rd of July 2021) The incompatibility results of a forge-added field in the entity pathfinding section not being present in magma. CQR requires that specific fields. The server will crash once a cqr entity attempts to pathfind. The problem has been patched by magma on the 3rd of July 2021.
iChun's morph mod Dependently incompatible The incompatibility occurs cause morph thinks it is funny to pass null world values to renderers. Can be fixed by disabling "skipHiddenEntityRendering" in the config or by installing Entity Culling. The problem is known but won't be fixed in 1.12.2
Sponge server software Dependently incompatible The incompatibility occurs during worldgen and apparently only occurs if sponge plugins are installed. It can be solved by not using sponge (in general we don't support forge & X hybrid servers) or by setting 'multithreadedDungeonPreparation' in the main config to false. The problem is known and can be fixed by changing the config.