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This pages lists all mods that have some interaction with CQR. It is recommended to read through the description of the integration.

If there are more mods that feature integrations and are not listed here, please let us know on our discord.


Modname Description Status
Elementary Staffs Elementary staffs automatically adds it's essences to CQR's loot chests on startup, through that you don't have to manually add their loot to the configs. The integration has been added through their mod, not CQR directly.
Ice and Fire The CQR abyss walkers are excellent dragon hunters and identify I&F dragons as such, they are very good at killing dragons. Also, if 'enableSpecialFeatures' is set to true, every cqr entity does double damage towards any I&F entity, they also only receive half the damage from I&F entities. Also if a walker king is attacked from the dragon a player is currently riding, it will dismount that player from it's dragon, this only applies if 'enableSpecialFeatures' is set to true. The integration has been added by CQR directly.
Patchouli Patchouli will add in ingame documentation to cqr if it's installed. With both installed there will be special books that contain info from the cqr wiki such as, CQR Mob factions, Creative Info, and Config Info. The integration has not been added yet to cqr.
Just Enough Items CQR features integration with JEI to better display CQR's GUIs together with JEI to avoid things like overlapping of the GUIs. The integration has been added by CQR directly.
Ancient Warfare 2 CQR will try to not place CQR structures in AW2 structures. The integration has been added by CQR directly with help of the AW2 developer. The feature is in the mod since version 2.3.0B.